Photoshoot awareness

Year 2, semester 2: Course assignment 07, photoshoot, poster design
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Task overview
Is this assignment we were tasked with planning and executing a photoshoot. Then put a poster together for the organisation A21 using the photo taken during the photoshoot.
My work
For this assignment we were supposed to take a strong photo, a photo with meaning.
I have planned a photoshoot and executed it, I have then worked on the picture and with it created a poster which I believe has a strong story.
CA07: Edited, black and white
For this assignment I have also taken advantage of the fact that we can improve our work before delivering this semesters portfolio. I have planned and executed a new photoshoot in an attempt at taking a stronger photo for the poster.

I executed the second photoshoot in the basement of the building I live in, it is not the cleanest place and therefore I believe it was a better fit than the previous photoshoot location. The subject was positioned on the floor next to a concrete wall, he received something to sit on and through this I tried to tell the story of someone who does not know what to do with himself, someone in a hopeless position.
The idea during this assignment was to focus on the male side of the issue.

The original and new version can both be seen by clicking on the above picture.
I have provided both a colored and black and white version as last time.

I did not make any changes on the layout as I believe its a good layout and it works nicely.