Hello there!

My name is Ellen Marie

I am an aspiring graphic designer with a bachelor in game design from Norway. I love using the different Adobe softwares, in particular Illustrator which is my favourite.

I am also interested in animation and I hope to get a deeper understanding of After Effects and Animate as well.

In my free time I love to spend time with my boyfriend and my two very adorable cats.

Chibi, profile picture
This portfolio is here to document some of the different projects I worked on during my time at Noroff as well as project I have taken on myself.
The portfolio will develop over time wth me and it will be a platform I will be using to explore new techniques and styles.

The portfolio itself will represent me and my interests, currently I find minimalistic art and websites very appealing. This portfolio consists of simple shapes and only a few details.

A selection of the projects I have worked on can be found in the projects section with a short explanation.

The portfolio has been built in Webflow using the different tools which is available. My source of inspiration is the many sites which can be found online and in particular simpler sites which provide just enough details to be simple, yet artistic.